Premier Plastering Supply
Fine Quality Building Supply Materials
Welcome to our website! Premier Plastering Supply Ltd. has been servicing the Houston and surrounding areas since 1993 under the same ownership. We are a distributor for all of your building needs; Stucco, Masonry, Cement, Lath, Foam, Scaffolding and Metal Products. We offer top quality products from suppliers such as:


Dryvit Systems - Exterior Insulated Finish Systems                                                      
Dietrich Industries - Metal Lath & Trims                              
Tyvek - Stucco Wrap                                                   
Coronado Stone - Cultured Stone                                 
Fry Reglet - Aluminum Moldings                                            
Holcim - Masonry & Portland Cement
Texas Lehigh Cement
TXI Cement
Benjamin Obdyke - Home Slicker
US Gypsum - Diamond Interior Finish
Plastic Components - Vinyl Moldings
Demand Products - Stucco Tools
Windlock Tools 
Kraft Tools

Additional Services:

Custom Tinting
Plan Reviews
Up to a 10-year Warranty on Stucco Projects
Extensive List of Dependable Contractors 
Sand Pits w/Masonry & Torpedo Sand/Dump Truck for Deliveries
Flatbed Truck w/Forklift for Deliveries


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